Gerry D’Angelo, ex VP of Global Media at Procter & Gamble, returns to the Shiny New Object Podcast for a special episode recorded this summer at MAD//Fest 2023. And the hot topic of the moment is, of course, generative AI - his new shiny object in marketing.

“Experimentation within guidelines” is Gerry’s simple advice for those wanting to make the most of what AI has to offer in the advertising and marketing space. Because it’s such an exciting, new and rapidly evolving element of innovation, AI is definitely worth including in your performance marketing plans. But, how do you balance a quest for producing cheap and fast content with making sure it’s good? And how do you avoid the mistakes of the past?

Gerry talked about how the growth of social media could have been moderated differently in hindsight. Such lessons can be taken into how we use AI in advertising and how we reflect on potential unforeseen consequences of generative AI work. This can include repercussions on Intellectual Property, but also knock-on effects on content producers as users resort to holistic answers from an engine like ChatGPT over visiting multiple websites to gather information.

To listen to the podcast/stage session click here