With my upcoming MAD//Masters course kicking off in less than 2 weeks, and spots starting to run out, I’ve been pondering.

Ever since I joined Ogilvy as a rookie 35 odd years ago, I’ve seen enough brilliant, bizarre, brave, dumb, faddish, counterintuitive and genuinely game changing work to realise that marketing isn’t an exact science. 

Unfortunately for us, some ‘more scientific’ parts of the business find this ambiguity unsettling. But unless we can overcome suspicion and earn respect outside of the marketing community, I think we as an industry and individuals will always struggle to gain the credit and influence we deserve. 

If this sounds like a familiar predicament, then you’ll love my MAD//Masters By Rory Sutherland 12 week online course, which kicks off on 2 May.

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Have a look at the full MODULE BREAKDOWN below.

1. Introduction: How can we raise the status of marketing?

2. Beware marcomms! Why we need to change the perception of what marketing is and how it works

3. Getting to know how your brand smells, heuristics and why you need to learn to talk to the elephant

4. Should you trust data? Why we need to experiment + embrace discovery if we want to get lucky

5. Finding your competitive advantage + gain theory: why failing fast can be a risky strategy

6. Dare to be different + annoying! The importance of creativity + diversity in elevating your offering

7. Herd behaviour - How behavioural economics can help you speak to your board + help you become a better marketer

8. Inside the mind of the challenger: Shamil Thakrar, Co-founder, Dishoom

9. Maximising your relationship with your consumers - why it pays to understand your customers

10. Inside the mind of the challenger: Alexandra Depledge MBE, Founder and CEO, Resi

11. Mind readers - How behavioural science can create better + more exciting innovation

12. How to reassert the influence of marketing within your organisation + think like a human, not a consultant

PLUS: A special bonus episode with Ritchie Mehta, CEO, School of Marketing

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