‘Riders of the Storm’ has been selected as MAD//Fest London’s 2023 theme as the world’s top brands and agencies meet at The Old Truman Brewery on 4-6 July to explore emerging marketing trends at the UK’s largest industry festival.

The theme has been chosen to highlight the ways in which brands and marketers can successfully ride the choppy waters of what is expected to be a time of intense disruption. The programme will focus on how the industry can ride the storm of economic, technological and behavioural change and the invaluable role marketing plays in challenging market conditions. It will also explore the positive side of disruption and the ways in which businesses are using innovation to leverage disruption and secure new growth opportunities.

This year’s festival features 5 stages - Hexagon (Headline), Creativity + Experience, Brand Innovation, Attention and DigiAds - where the world’s top brands and disruptors will share their ideas on how brands can show strong leadership, resilience and a clear path for transformation. 

MAD//Fest Co-founder Dan Brain said the 2023 content programme will inspire attendees to think about how marketing can step up to the challenges of the day and make itself invaluable in driving change and growth. 

“Economic uncertainty, global conflicts, accelerated digital disruption, huge behavioural shifts, technological leaps, societal changes, sustainability - the prediction for 2023 is a perfect storm and extremely choppy waters. But as we all know, with disruption comes opportunity and marketers have a chance to shift the balance of power and cement their reputation as the growth and transformation engine of business.

“As we saw from COVID, sitting out the storm and doing nothing wasn’t a viable option or a  particularly successful strategy for many businesses. So our 2023 festival will celebrate the industry captains, pioneers, thinkers, creative leaders, changemakers and disruption opportunists who have the courage to take control of riding the storm and use its energy to create new opportunities for innovation.

“We’ll be releasing details of some of our incredible speakers in the New Year. Be sure to put your ideas forward if you’d like to join them and have a story to share.”

Named ‘Event of the Year’ at the UK Event Awards, 2023’s MAD//Fest has been expanded to accommodate more than 10,000 top brands and agencies. Over 8,000 people attended MAD//Fest London in July 2022, where speakers included Rachel Waller, Global VP Innovation, Burberry, Sarah Barron, CMO, Domino's, Cristina Diezhandino, CMO, Diageo, S4 Capital Executive chairman Sir martin Sorrell, Ogilvy Vice-chair Rory Sutherland, Deliveroo, VP Marketing Tina Koehler, Author & Broadcaster, David Baddiel and Restaurant Critic Jay Rayner. Highlights are available on the MAD//Fest YouTube Channel.

The MAD//Fest London 2023 Call For Content is open now until Fri 17 Feb. Click here for more information and to submit your idea.