Early bird catches the worm? If you’re the kind of person who is up with the lark and wants to get your little grey cells working before the masses have even had their morning coffee, you’re sure to love our new for 2024 ‘Rise + Shine’ sessions on 2 and 3 July. 

We’ve lined-up some of the industry’s most recognisable faces and brands like Sir John Hegarty, Pete Markey, Starling Bank, Uncommon Studio to dive into some of the most important topics like creativity, political advertising, distinctiveness, sport and boldness.

The action takes place prior to the published content start times on the Creator Economy, ATTENTION and Creativity Stage (2 and 3 July only).

Once you’ve picked up your badge from our centralised Check//In + Registration in Ely’s Yard, you can head over to a host stage of your choice and attend these sessions:


9.45-10.10am, Creator Economy Stage

Rise + Shine: Pete Markey In Conversation with our mate Justin Pearse, Editor, NDA

“Pete Markey is literally the best CMO in Britain at the moment", says Mark Ritson. Find out what makes him tick and the alchemy behind Boots' brilliant marketing strategy.

9.45-10.10am, ATTENTION Stage

Take Back Control: Lessons from a century of political slogans

Ben Golik, Creative Partner, Uncommon Studio

Ben Golik, creator of the mock up ad, 'He left them on the beaches',  that went viral on social media a couple of weeks ago, looks back over a century or more of political advertising and how it's successfully (and unsuccessfully) tapped into culture.What are the lessons that brands can learn (good and bad) from political ads? 

9.45-10.10am, Creativity Stage

Being bold without the bullshit - how to get cut through whilst staying on brand

Annie Morris, Co-founder + Head of Brand Spoon Cereals + Gareth Turner, Founder & Marketing Director, Big Black Door

In a teaser to the session later in the day, Gareth and Annie will discuss why sometimes boldness is applauded over something that will actually get results. Consumers couldn’t care less, and clients don’t (shouldn’t) care if it wins a Cannes lion (although we think Gareth probably has Lions he won proudly displayed on the mantelpiece) as long as it hits the bottom line!


9.45-10.10am, Creator Economy Stage

Rise + Shine: The Next Creative Revolution with Sir John Hegarty and Orlando Wood

Last year brands spent upwards of $750 billion globally on advertising. It’s estimated that only 6% of it is truly effective. As an industry, our creative output seems to be in decline. 

Join Sir John Hegarty and Orlando Wood for an insightful conversation as they discuss how you can drive change, why the time to act is now, and how you can be part of the revolution.

9.45-10.10am, Creativity Stage

Starling Bank: How do challenger brands keep their edge?

Starling Bank is exactly ten years old. How has it kept innovating, using fresh creative to ensure it doesn't become 'part of the furniture'?

Join Rachel  Kerrone, Brand and Marketing Director, Starling Bank and Tom Ollerton, Founder, Automated Creative for an early morning energiser on how to stay distinctive.

“If you’re looking to get ahead of the game and join some of the industry’s most influential and exciting figureheads to dig into the issues that matter the most, you’ll love our new ‘Rise + Shine’ sessions. So set the alarm, grab a coffee and take your seat at a series of discussions that are sure to get you thinking ahead of the rest,” said Luke Wilcox, MAD//Fest’s Content Director.