Meet Rob Mayhew, our special guest at the Independent Agency Awards 2023. His name echoes across social media as one of the most shared personalities, a testament to his distinctive approach that intersects marketing prowess with stand-up comedy.

Rob's unconventional fusion of insightful marketing acumen and quick-witted humor has brought smiles and light-bulb moments to countless marketers from brands to agencies. His humor-laced narratives about the world of agencies resonate with the industry's realities, offering comic relief while subtly highlighting invaluable insights.

Mayhew's charisma goes beyond the norm, setting him as a unique presence in the industry and the social media landscape. As he shares his humorous spin on agency life, he not only entertains but also educates and inspires his wide-reaching audience.

Step into the world of innovation and creativity this 4th July! We invite you to the Independent Agency Awards 2023 at the prestigious Hexagon stage at MAD//FEST. This is your chance to applaud the most accomplished and dynamic independent agencies across the globe.

Join us to witness how Rob Mayhew brings marketing to life, marrying wit and wisdom at the Independent Agency Awards 2023!

2022's event was a grand spectacle, and this year, we aim to elevate it. The Alliance of Independent Agencies has once again partnered with MAD//FEST to give these bold, nimble agencies the platform they merit.

These independent agencies represent more than just service providers; they embody a collective of unchained minds whose ideas shape our world. In the growing complexity of today's creative canvas, independence is not just desirable, but essential.

The soul of marketing thrives on original ideas. Remember, great ideas are born in free minds.

Join us in toasting to the ingenuity of independent agencies at the 2023 Independent Agency Awards. Reserve your spot today - let's celebrate the spirit of independence together!

Tickets are now available to purchase here -

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