Marketers should learn to get rid of lazy assumptions if they are to find effective solutions to the problems they face, argues Ogilvy’s Vice-chair, Rory Sutherland. 

In addition to making sure marketers aren’t lazy with their assumptions, Rory Sutherland outlined two other key things all marketers can do to be more effective, as he spoke to MAD//Insight ahead of April’s MAD//Masters course. 

“I believe we can be asking much better questions. Also, there is always a value to reframing the way we look at things. Marketers should be choosing a different point of view, a consumer's eye view and not the organisational view.

“But I think there are lots of other flips we can be doing of that kind. And every time you take a different view of a problem, you gain a completely new perspective. And with that new perspective, you massively magnify your chances of finding a new, original and effective solution to that problem,” he added.

Created and hosted by Sutherland, MAD//Masters is an online course for marketers who want to use creativity, behavioural science and innovation to address the challenges created by mass disruption.

Featuring on-demand lectures, live seminars, and an in-person meet-up and masterclass from Rory at MAD//Fest London (4-6 July), the CPD-accredited course has been purposely designed for brand and agency marketers, b2b specialists, commercial leaders and founders.

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