Here’s something for the weekend – the legendary Rory Sutherland tackling the eccentricities of behavioural science in advertising with execs from Monzo and sky in ALF Insight’s brilliant new podcast, On Brand. 

In this episode, Rory is joined by Monzo VP Marketing Tristan Thomas and Sky Studios CEO  Gary Davey for a discussion on why the best advertising campaigns often influence consumers to make decisions based on desire, rather than logic. Rory, Tristan and Gary argue and debate their methods of appealing to consumers in a fragmented and ever changing market.

Each episode of On Brand will see Rory speak to some of the biggest names in advertising, marketing and media about the trends that are changing the way consumers think, behave and buy –  thought-provoking and captivating listening for all…Enjoy!

On Brand is brought to you by ALF Insight.