Nudgestock, Ogilvy Consulting’s celebration of all things behavioural science, is back on 11 June, giving global attendees the chance to tune into “12 hours of binge-worthy BS”.

Billed as “a day to think differently, where counter-intuitive ideas are discussed, debated and celebrated by the planet’s boldest thinkers”, the event will explain why important societal topics and trends such mindfulness, climate change and vaccine hesitancy can be attributed to behavioural science. 

The speaker line-up comedians John Cleese and Ruby Wax, psychologist and economist Daniel Kahneman, Coca-Cola’s Director of Behavioural Science Cerita Bethea, leading academic Shahzeen Attari and Ogilvy Vice-chairman and MAD//Fest favourite, Ror Sutherland.

And whilst this year’s event won’t make the annual pilgrimage to the Kent coast, Nudgestock 2021 is a global affair, kicking off in Australia before jumping through Singapore, Paris, London and the US.

“One of the most interesting developments of the last year is that, suddenly, every business question is a behavioural question. There has never been a moment where marketing insight and creativity has been more needed in business and government” said Sutherland.

“ In times of stability, businesses tend to take human behaviour as a given, and focus on the more deterministic, operational questions posed by the balance sheet. Now, unless you can answer the human questions first, every other question is theoretical. With Nudgestock we aim to bring together some of the best of thinking in behavioural science with the simple aim of exploring how real-world humans think, decide and act—something that has never felt more relevant.”

Tickets are available free of charge here.