Today's thought of the day…’Groupthinking’ - it’s a double edged sword. At its worst, it can encourage people to lose their cognitive ability in corporate drone-like uniformity, display the self preservation judgement of a suicidal lemming, and become so detached from reality that we do really dumb stuff, (see all the WTF bad ads that have slipped the net in recent times). 

But at its best, groupthinking can help us to leverage our collective brain cells, discover innovative solutions to problems and work harmoniously together to grow a business. If we are to leverage the power of the collective, it strikes me that we need to properly engage our colleagues in solving the big challenges du jour. 

We need to create a framework where we can experiment, try the unconventional, or take the odd calculated risk. We need to understand that whether we’re talking about influencing customer behaviour or that of your team, the answers are probably not in the boardroom, but somewhere in the deep recesses of the human brain…

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