European media brands are facing intense global competition and a fast-evolving environment. While global media and tech brands compete across multiple markets, the legacy media landscape in Europe has been focused on individual markets, where scattered players compete against each other.

Broadcasters need to focus on their strengths rather than their perceived weaknesses. European audiences still watch over 3 hours of TV per day, and the rise of time-shifted TV accounts for 51% of total video consumption. The global TV ad spend has also seen significant growth over the past 30 years.

The true weakness of European media may lie in the lack of collaboration and a unified voice. RTL AdAlliance advocates for collaborative storytelling and bold initiatives to drive success in the industry. This includes encouraging broadcasters to collaborate locally, developing technology solutions, and representing European media on international stages with one voice.

By collaborating locally and internationally, European media can enhance their positioning and offerings to global advertisers. Initiatives like the joint effort between RTL Deutschland and SevenOne.Media serve as examples of successful collaboration. Additionally, increasing the presence of European media on international stages can deepen relationships with global brands and raise the attractiveness of European media as advertising environments.

Events like RTL Beach at Cannes, organized by RTL AdAlliance, serve as examples of how a unified European media front can make a significant impact on the global stage. This bold presence is a sign of the importance iconic media has in our industry and beyond.

RTL AdAlliance and EGTA have also created a single advertising spot for all broadcasters with a simple but bold messaging, reaffirming the role of advertising and media in European society. This high-quality content funded by advertising supports democratic exchange and discussion, making broadcast media a cornerstone of our society.