Sally Bos has been working at Hexagon for 25 years, holding different roles and always enjoying the teams and projects she's been associated with. Today she is the Executive Marketing & SDR Director EMIA in Hexagon's Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division, and she believes that her longevity in the company is linked to the teams she's been surrounded by. 

She believes that the key to marketing success is openness to change - creating that team environment that supports new ideas and challenges, and surrounding herself with the people that share this mindset. Her Shiny New Object is therefore making people adaptive to change.

In a constantly and rapidly changing world, we must continually change and adapt. According to Sally, this is the key to progressing in marketing and beyond, and is why she swears by it in her hiring and management practices alike.

Being adaptive to change is about keeping yourself open to new ideas, changing the status quo where required, and not being afraid to make mistakes. This is more easily done in a team that fosters this sort of behaviour, where everyone is encouraged to challenge and come up with new ways of working. This is why Sally aims to recruit people who prove themselves to be adaptive to change, and then to support this team culture.

Find out Sally’s four essential pillars for work-life balance and how to foster an environment where creativity thrives by ensuring everyone is open to change.

The host of the Shiny New Object podcast is Tom Ollerton, founder of Automated Creative.