Zillow has always been committed to innovation and, as Beverly Jackson, Vice President of Brand and Product Marketing, tells us on the latest episode of the Shiny New Object podcast. They’re now ‘all in’ with the new Apple Vision Pro, offering a unique immersive app that is changing the game in house purchasing.

For Beverly, the Immerse app is her shiny new object, marrying an attention to data and insights with use of AI and AR. Launching an app for a very new piece of technology may seem bold, but it reflects the way Zillow has always worked, embracing technology and trying to offer unique, personalised customer experiences.

Work to deliver this app has taken place in the way that Beverly recommends all data driven marketers do - by listening to the data scientists. This is her top tip: “We're at a place now where marketers can no longer afford to just stick their finger up to the sky and see which direction the wind is blowing or go on instinct alone. You have to have some data to sort of back up what you're doing so listen to your data scientists.”

In her team at Zillow, she includes data scientists around the table from ideation through to delivery phase. This helps her triangulate with “softer” data sources and an ongoing learning process to always improve briefs.

Find out more about using data scientists, how AR is revolutionising home buying, and why unplugging is Beverly’s best new habit, in the full podcast episode.