It’s time to get back to basics. With all the talk, and reality, of an economic crisis, what marketers need is not another 1,000 likes or some TV show reject holding your brand on their Instagram feed. What you need are actual sales.  

Savvy marketing students know that AIDA is not just an Italian Opera by Verdi, it is also the key to marketing success. It is an acronym for the journey we need to take consumers on: Awareness, Interest, Decision and Action.  Those who chase yet another 1,000 Facebook likes, or TikTok views usually get stuck at that first stage: building awareness. Now, as PromoVeritas celebrates its 21st birthday, we can unveil the secret ingredient that has helped hundreds of our clients to sales and market share success.

And that secret ingredient is ………… run a prize promotion. One that pulls the consumer to make a decision, a direction action – a brand or service purchase. 

So let’s pull Prize promotions out of the shadows and acknowledge their disruptive power and ability to transform your next marketing campaign. 

Stop playing by the rules and mirroring the techniques of your competitors? Consider Prize Promotions as the renegade rebel amidst a sea of tired and traditional strategies. Yes, New Media is no longer New. Nor is it effective. However the words ‘Win’ and ‘Free’ are universally recognised by consumers and can be integrated into any campaign via any media – TV, radio, on pack, social, print and more.

Prize promotions can hold the key to your sales success. Unlike discounting, which nibbles away at your profit margins and cheapens your brand, prize promotions captivate audiences with their unique and exclusive offerings and they are so flexible. Want to gather user generated content, run a photo competition. Need to get the trade to buy extra stock, offer a prize for the best display. Want to push loyalty, offer a gift with multiple purchases. Sponsoring an event, give away tickets via a prize draw of unique code. Worried about your budgets ? Use a Fixed Deal provider and you can take control of your finances whilst offering massive prize funds that will entice consumers to choose your brand over others. 

But wait, there's more! Prize promotions not only drive immediate sales but they also offer the ability to gather a database of your users, and gain valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences that can be used to fine-tune your marketing efforts. 

It is a universal instinct to love winning a prize, and everyone in the UK looks forward to the annual "Hunt the White Cadbury Crème Egg” promotion that we have run for 10 years. This year’s Walkers' “Heart-shaped crisp competition” is likely to be another campaign added to the lexicon of great promotions. Undeniably memorable and with a top prize of £100,000, very appealing and hugely successful in terms of sales. 

If you're tired of being just another face in the crowd, buying social media space or D grade influencers to get noticed. Stop. Be controversial, embrace the power of a well crafted and well delivered prize activation and watch as your brand's destiny is transformed.

Prize promotions provide a platform for audacious and unconventional marketing moves. They hold the power to catapult your brand to unparalleled success. It's time to break free from conventional tactics and crush your competition with an unbeatable secret weapon. So ignore the naysayers and the timid; put a sprinkling of this secret ingredient into your next campaign  and drive sales, gather provocative insights, and provoke brand recognition that demands attention. You won’t be alone – each year we run over 1,000 campaigns for clients such as American Express, Kellogg’s, Pepsi, Santander, Budweiser, Amazon, TK Maxx, Bloom’s Gin and hundreds more. 

Are you ready to harness the untapped potential of prize promotions and revolutionize your marketing? The choice is yours.