Tatyana Kahl is the Marketing Director, Activation and Usage, at VISA Europe, where she’s focusing on developing performance branding - which is her Shiny New Object.

She believes that brands need to bring together the element of pre-purchase brand building and all the consumer journey that takes place at point of purchase and beyond. Creating tiny brand moments throughout all touch points with the consumers will keep brands relevant and build loyalty. Brands need to be more subtle and play a longer game, which includes developing a close connection to the consumer through every possible touch point.

Tatyana’s two brand examples of who does this well are Apple and Audi. We all know about the shiny Apple stores and the immaculately curated consumer experience with the former, but her personal experience with Audi is quite interesting. Looking to buy her first car many years ago, it wasn’t just an advert upfront that caught her eye. In fact, it was all about the actual in-store experience, where Audi employees were the only ones that gave her attention as a first-time buyer, and the way she perceived the brand through the multiple touch points from point of purchase to post-purchase and return purchases, too.

How do you start creating this sort of connection? Tatyana believes in storytelling and emotional bonding, but she doesn’t think brands need to spend a lot of money on it (like Apple and Audi can afford to do!). Instead, her advice is to analyse your consumer journey end to end and ask the question: where can you create more brand moments, and how can you continue to stay relevant after the sale is done?

The host of the Shiny New Object podcast is Tom Ollerton, founder of Automated Creative.