The Media Industry needs to embrace the world of Personified Advertising, says Ogury’s UK Country Director, Ossie Bayram. 

In his plea, which is part of MAD//Fest’s and New Digital Age’s 99//Club, Bayram says that the industry “needs to expand its horizons in 2022”. This is largely because the most “valuable metric in buying” is going, the individual user ID. Therefore, advertisers need to start “rushing out solutions at a pace to future proof themselves”. 

However, with many of these solutions mainly based on contextual and semantic data they lack one key ingredient, “audience intelligence". Yet, some companies are still holding onto the old way of targeting and “clinging onto the cookies and IDs they hold dear to their heart”. 

Bayram believes that media buyers now have to rely on a new class of technology. One that both meets the “performance that advertisers demand whilst respecting the privacy of the end-user.” For him the answer lies in Personified Advertising. 

In his 99//Club video, Bayram says that Personified Advertising is great because it relies on audience interest data that can be used to quality the impression rather than the personal data used to qualify the user. Most importantly, he says that, “we can finally release ourselves from the shackles of cookies and IDs!” 

Listen to his 99 seconds here

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