The second edition of the Conscious Advertising Network’s (CAN) ‘Conscious Thinking Live’ event will be taking place on November 16th. After a successful sold-out event last year, the CAN team is back bringing together inspiring and authentic leaders and voices from the world of advertising and civil society, to uncover fresh perspectives, share best practices, and engage in candid discussions that impact our industry. 

The event will feature an engaging mix of insightful talks, enriching panel discussions, interactive workshops, and a live bonus episode recording for the Conscious Thinking podcast. Key speakers this year include Baroness Kidron (5Rights Foundation), who will be speaking on prioritising children's wellbeing, and Alexandra Pardal (Digital Action) looking to answer the question: "Will 2024 be the year of democracy for advertisers?

There will be a Fireside Chat with Marty Davies (Outvertising) and Stephanie Matthews (Creative Equals) on Braving the Backlash: Transphobia is at an all time high in the UK - how can the advertising industry stand their ground?” Attendees will also be hearing from CAN co-founders Harriet Kingaby and Jake Dubbins, and there will be a panel focussed on sustainability moderated by Claire Gleeson-Landry (Good Loop), who will be joined by Michael Hanbury-Williams (UM), Céline Craipeau (Jellyfish), Jo Parker (VCCP).

The afternoon will also include engagement workshops focussing on CAN’s 7 different manifestos, which include hate speech, informed consent, and sustainability. The event will offer plenty of opportunities for networking and sharing ideas with your peers. Together, we will learn from each other on how to create the kind of safe and inclusive media environments that support quality journalism and content, while building trust in advertising. 

You can purchase your tickets for The Conscious Thinking Live Event 2023 here.

What is the Conscious Advertising Network?:

The Conscious Advertising Network (CAN) is an international not-for-profit membership organisation. We are focused on breaking the economic link between advertising and harmful content. Working directly with advertising platforms, media owners and publishers to pioneer positive change and embed human rights within commercial and political decision-making, globally.