The train is coming. It’s not yet visible but its vibrations precede it and can be faintly perceived by those at the station who lean towards the zinging track in anticipation. Its arrival, although slightly delayed, is a certainty. 

Despite the imminent arrival of the cookieless train, three in four people idle the station cafe, and by being unprepared, risk missing the train entirely. 

A recent, 2023 report by DoubleVerify on cookie preparedness found that less than a quarter of companies have a post-cookie solution in place. A surprising fact, especially as third-party cookies have been such an undergirding, integral part of online advertising for the past two decades. True, they’ve allowed for the personalisation of content for users, leading to greater convenience for the shopper, and marketing budget optimisation for brands, but this has come at too-heavy a cost on user privacy.

Recognising this, Google has committed to phasing out cookies on Chrome, with cookieless depreciation now promised for H2, 2024—now is the final call for organisations to ready themselves to not miss departure, and get onboard.

The overriding question from organisations is: How can our online ad campaigns prevail in the new paradigm? Without the catalyst of third-party cookies, personalisation does indeed present a challenge, but it’s far from an insurmountable one. Forward-thinking companies are moving to get the right contextual and first-party data strategies in place, fueled by leading-edge technology to allow delivery and scale without any impingement on user privacy.

But how to make sure addressability and privacy don’t run counter to each other, and move in opposite directions on two separate tracks? Can they even merge and move together with a shared momentum, in the same direction? One thing’s for sure—to leverage the opportunities, brands need to foster direct partnerships and develop new capabilities. 

To answer the big questions of cookieless, RTB House is gathering experts for an unmissable MAD//fest panel discussion. It will be an essential event for anyone interested in riding the wave of cookieless change and ensuring their online ad campaigns continue to thrive in the new paradigm. 

Neha Iyer will be putting questions to industry insiders, Google’s Partner Manager, Privacy & Chrome, Scott Friesen; Billy Walsh from Assembly Global; Luke Fisher of CV-Library; and RTB House’s VP of Operations, Andrew Howe. 

Get comprehensive answers to the biggest questions, such as: 

●      What’s the impact to advertisers using technologies that depend on cookies?

●      How will addressability at scale be affected?

●      How are cookieless technologies expected to function in terms of addressability and performance?

Be there at The Hexagon Stage, July 4, 12:05, to load up on cookieless takeaways that can help your brand triumph. Get onboard and ride the wave.