Will you join the fight against radical reductionism and learn how to release behavioural science and creativity in your business?

I really want people who do my course to learn to push back against the more insane beliefs and delusions of the kind of rationalist reductionist, mechanistic school of marketing and finance. Measurement and accountability are good things - it’s better than skating around on the thin ice of assumptions. 

This school of thinking has transmogrified into an insane belief and accountability - unless you can predict and prove in advance the dollar value down to the seventh decimal point of a particular kind of activity, then you shouldn't be allowed to do it at all. This is clearly a false god. 

We need to push back against this and fast because an awful lot of marketing, in fact, nearly all marketing that doesn't sit right at the bottom of the funnel is fundamentally and mathematically incapable of that kind of predictive, precise evaluation. And if the requirement for marketing activity is that you prove its efficacy in advance, then 90% of what you could do that is valuable, profitable and worthwhile will be impossible to do at all.

If you look at more innovative companies like Amazon, they don't do it that way. They start with what's valuable to the consumer, and they work out whether it works and how much money it makes afterwards. That's the right way round. There's absolutely a time for evaluation and quantification. But it isn't right at the beginning. We really need to fight that and find the right place for creativity, behavioural science and innovation in marketing/media.

What can you do about it?



What’s included:

  • 12 months access to 10x CPD-accredited on-demand lectures
  • 12 months access to live Q&A drop in sessions
  • Complimentary MAD//Fest ticket (worth £895) inc. ‘Lunch and Learn’ with Rory
  • Video feedback on an  optional assessment
  • Bonus content featuring interviews with top entrepreneurs and marketers
  • Access to the MAD//Masters alumni network (event invites, discounts, content access)

Put simply, you won’t find a course out there that bundles together so much unconventional creative thinking, ‘facetime’ and hybrid learning opportunities to break the mould and dare to be different. 

REGISTER HERE and secure your place alongside teams from Néstle, The Guardian, Specsavers and more. Places are strictly limited to ensure you get the best possible learning experience, so it really is crunch time if you want  to join Rory this spring’s course!

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