ThisThat’s unique brand uplift studies guarantee exposure to a creator’s campaign through whitelisting, unlocking innovative insights from hard-to-reach communities and informing campaign optimisation. Its trackable survey links also measure the impact of creator content across a range of key performance metrics including purchase intent and engagement.

Additionally, ThisThat’s cross-filtering technology combined with creative testing facilitates analysis of brand performance against competitors, enabling TAKUMI to identify new opportunities for its clients to gain market share and to uncover the interplay between brands.

As well as being the first agency to have unrivalled access to ThisThat’s tool, TAKUMI is also the first agency trained to conduct brand uplift research on the self-serve platform.

The partnership represents a continuation of TAKUMI’s commitment to prioritise investment in the science of the influencer marketing industry. Combined with its ROI measurement solution in the USA, the agency can now offer clients full 360-degree attribution to its influencer marketing campaigns.

Chief Strategy Officer at TAKUMI Jim Meadows says, "The influencer marketing industry is constantly finding new ways to measure ROI and improve monetisation opportunities for brands. As social media platforms increasingly deploy new e-commerce functions, and as creator campaigns become increasingly sophisticated, tracking performance is now more important than ever. Our partnership with ThisThat will ensure even more transparency that brands can trust in.”

Whilst, Dom Ivison, Co-founder of ThisThat adds, “Influencer marketing is still a young industry, and measuring it has long been a wild west with few ways to truly measure its impact. ThisThat is delighted to be partnering with TAKUMI to deliver the agency and its customers cutting edge data analysis and in-depth insights. Our next-gen social surveying will shine a light on the many ways that TAKUMI and its creators can support a wide range of marketing objectives, giving brands and marketers more confidence to grow their influencer marketing activity.”