Thought of the day - ‘convenient logic’ is the enemy of the problem solving marketer or commercial leader. This is exemplified perfectly by the case of electric cars.

‘Range anxiety’ conjures up images of being haplessly stuck on a rain-lashed hillside in the Brecon Beacons (or whatever they’re calling it these days) with no phone signal, only unhelpful sheep for company, and the very real prospect of being late for lunch with the mother-in-law.

Convenient logic dictates that the way to fix the problem is by engineering heavier, more expensive batteries.

But what if we were to reframe the challenge and call it infrastructure anxiety? Suddenly we can begin to think of the problem as psychological rather than technological. This subtle shift puts the solutions to the challenge back in the hands of the marketer or commercial director who can do a great deal to educate, change attitudes and influence purchase behaviour.

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