“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” Winston Churchill

Welcome to DigiAds@MAD//Fest!

On July 5 at The Old Truman Brewery I will be hosting DigiAds@MAD//Fest which will be the inaugural AdTech focussed element of the award-winning and most fun and networking-driven show in the UK events calendar, MAD//Fest! Drawing from my 18 years of experience in advertising the day will put you in front of the visionaries and pioneers of the Digital arena.

With 'No guts, no glory’ as this year’s MAD//Fest theme, DigiAds@MAD//Fest will be showcasing those who have embodied this attitude to the max and who have demonstrated, through practical application of their own skills, in combination with established and emerging technologies, that being brave and bold reaps success.

Hear the good and the great from all corners of the Lumascape discussing how they have faced, and overcome, adversity and challenges that the world has thrown at them during a time of intentse disruption.

Be inspired, gather valuable insights, and meet industry legends at DigiAds!

The day will cover 3 core streams, with a variety of keynotes, panel sessions and fireside conversations in each. Here are the hot topics we will be covering:


Looking at all the privacy challenges that lie ahead, and the EU’s ruling that the IAB’s TCF illegal, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Doomsday clock is reading five minutes to midnight!

Uncertainty over consent is the latest addition to a long list of reasons to rethink how consumer data is used in digital advertising. 

There is no doubt that the seismic changes to the Digital Landscape in the coming months will affect us all, but with regulation and control comes opportunity, especially for those who know where to look.  You’re not alone. Our line-up of specialists will be on hand to guide you through the maze, helping you decide what is truly Privacy-first and what is AdTech Snake Oil.

Sustainability + Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

As an industry, we’ve set up AdGreen and AdNetZero as initiatives to understand the impact of digital advertising.

Publishers can act with good technical controls that limit pre-loading of never-to-be-seen creatives. Brands can act by using good compression and video streaming techniques. And surely, we can find efficiencies amongst the bloated pipes of the AdTech intermediaries?

We ask Is Programmatic Costing the Earth? As we move towards “Responsible Media” being redefined as, well…. “Media”.  Demystifying the processes and putting you in a position to make better decisions, our experts provide you with inspiration and approaches, shortcutting the path to a better future for us all.

CTV + Digital Video

We’ve experienced the birth of CTV and to say it’s made an impact is a gross understatement.  Some have likened this emerging channel to the early days of mobile, with all the challenges and opportunities we have learned to expect.  What lessons are to be learned from its predecessors? Who has harnessed its potential? How can you fit CTV into your marketing mix? All these questions and more will be answered by luminaries of this exciting new channel.

Digital Video has evolved, but has your perception and experience of it? Creative & AdTech go hand in hand, but what works and what doesn’t?

All this and much much more to come!

If you would like to be involved as a sponsor, speaker or attendee feel free to contact me: ben@madfestlondon.com - you simply cannot afford to miss this opportunity!