Leandro Chique started his career in strategy roles before moving into marketing and specialising in the healthcare sector. This has allowed him to see a long-term benefit of the development of data driven marketing, bringing together healthcare and consumer data to improve people’s wellbeing.

Using Consumer Data to Drive Healthcare Behaviour Change

Leandro thinks that helping people engage with their healthcare and driving behaviour change will help improve health all over the world. This is why he’s passionate about uniting healthcare and consumer data to see how healthcare companies can better target consumers and influence positive changes in their lives. This approach faces hurdles around privacy and consent, but it holds immense potential to use data driven marketing as a force for good.

The Importance of a Career Plan

Asked to share his biggest professional mistake, Leandro thinks back on taking a job solely for the money. Yes, we work for money and need to have appropriate rewards, but this is a way to get “stuck” in a “golden cage” where you will ultimately not do your best work.

Instead, marketers should plan their career, considering next steps and how they all fit logically in what they’re passionate about doing.

Consumer Centricity & Communication

Understanding data well and being comfortable communicating it in a clear and concise way are key skills for marketers. You need to spend time understanding the consumer, with descriptive analytics and data points, in order to be able to design the best marketing strategy. Additionally, being very clear about the consumer data and how it helps drive value will make it easier for marketers to negotiate internally in their organisations and get the outcomes they’re hoping for.

The host of the Shiny New Object podcast is Tom Ollerton, founder of Automated Creative.