You'll hear a lot of people talking about AI at this year's MAD/Fest. But we're also excited to get our audience actually using AI to create things – in the moment, together. 

That's the pitch from MAD//Fest regular Henry Coutinho-Mason, who will be appearing on the AI and Emerging Tech stage alongside visual strategist Natalia Talkowska, where they'll be publicly launching VisuAIse Futures Doodleledo, their new AI-powered creative experience. 

Bridging the gap between analog human creativity and AI-augmented digital renderings, this is certainly one of the more intriguing sessions on this year's agenda. Henry says, "as a futurist and speaker, I've spent the last year talking about AI and how it will change businesses from the inside out. But now we're living this change, building an AI product that takes the keynote experience into new spaces, and giving everyone a chance to feel the power of AI on a very personal level. Beyond this, what's really exciting is how AI enables us to tap into the collective intelligence of the MAD//Fest crowd in the moment and capture insights that weren't possible before. So if that sounds interesting, then we'd love to see you on the 2 July!"

Fun fact: the pair first started exploring AI together after a random chat over a coffee at last year’s MAD//Fest, with their illustrated guide to people-first AI innovation opportunities for marketers, which featured in a previous edition of this newsletter. 

We love hearing about new project and collaborations that emerge from MAD//Fest, so if you have similar stories, please do let us know!  

See this session on the AI + Emerging tech stage at 2:00 pm on 2 July / Day One of MAD//Fest