“When you finish work, don’t look at the computer, go do things for yourself,” says Luna Froumine, Head of International Marketing at digital platform WalkMe, my latest Shiny New Object podcast guest.

Luna is passionate about why marketers need to value their mental health. She recognises that the amount of stress and anxiety everyone is going through is high, with furloughs, lay offs and the risk of catching the virus.

If you balance all of that with the responsibilities of being a marketer, where we have to spin many plates and wear many hats, it can be a lot to deal with. Luna believes the modern marketer needs a solution to balance the uncertainty with our ambition.

It’s reassuring to hear a senior marketer going through the same thing as the rest of us – adjusting to this new lack of boundary between working and  home.

This is why Luna feels it’s important to adjust to what she calls “the next normal.” Luna recommends taking some time off for yourself and doing something just for you whether it’s downloading yoga apps, meditation or running.

Luna’s message is that some days are going to be easier than others but we’re all in this together.

We don’t know if or when things will go back to how they were so let’s make all this do-able and avoid burnout through intentional self care.

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