My conversation with Carolina explores a diverse range of issues, from navigating different communication cultures, to prioritising, and why it’s important to not feel guilty about saying no.

But what’s her Shiny New Object I hear you ask? Connecting customers online and offline experiences of the brand, that’s what.

Carolina points out that “we live in a world where data is very available and we are able to know what a specific customer looks like, how old they are and what they like because they have told us”.

This is why she believes it’s important that brands use this data to provide an omnichannel experience for their customers, so whether they are in a store, browsing the website or using an app, they always feel the same connection and affiliation to the brand.

This is especially important now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, as more customers will be online, expecting the same care and attention as if they were in store.

Carolina explains that this can be done through building a ‘brand community’, which is about really getting to know your customers, not just what they like, but also what doesn’t work for them and establishing relevant and contextual communication without being intrusive. 

It’s inspirational to see how brands have risen to the challenge of engaging with their customers in spite of the lockdown regulations. It’s also hard not to get infected with Carolina’s passion for putting customer experience at the centre of their future plans and products.

For more on Carolina’s personal journey, check out the full podcast episode here

Tom Ollerton is the Founder of Automated Creative.

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