With an increasing number of people discussing their thoughts and feelings on the metaverse, questions are naturally being asked about Facebook’s rebrand to Meta and its broader intentions for the metaverse. This is not entirely surprising given the actual details surrounding Facebook’s metaverse have been sparse.

Does Facebook believe in the benefits of the metaverse or is this a bold move to jump on the latest technology trend? Only time will tell. Danny Stefanic CEO of MootUp - the first Metaverse Virtual Events, gives his opinion.

“The bigger concern is that with hype around the metaverse rising, there is a risk the metaverse will become an empty, confused and meaningless term.

“In my mind, the metaverse has immense potential to truly transform society, in the same way the internet has revolutionised our engagement with the digital world. However, the key to the metaverse’s success is allowing all segments of society to participate and grow within the digital environment. This must be at the core of any company contributing to the growth of the sector. This is a core objective of MootUp and LearnBrite - to simplify how the 'metaverse for business' is adopted by organisations, by offering the tools and foundations for people to take full advantage of it.

“The metaverse is a democratic movement that will empower a new generation of consumers and businesses who have not been able to take advantage of the digital world. The opportunity is there – the challenge is making sure we don’t lose sight of this as buzz around the industry grows.”