Working with easyJet audiences has taught Shaaf Tauqeer about the importance of capitalising on consumers’ attention in a safe, trusting environment. At a time when marketing budgets are tight, he’s capitalising on this learning by launching a branded podcast.

It’s important to build consumers’ trust and brand loyalty by starting from capturing their attention. Shaaf is Audience and Martech Manager at easyJet and he shared how he will capitalise on this attention with an in-flight branded podcast, launching soon.

The importance of attention isn’t new, but the approach may be. After all, podcasts are a safe, honest, and generally unbranded space. This is what makes listeners tune in to them. However, Shaaf thinks he can achieve something similarly honest by sharing personal stories and travel tips from easyJet crew and celebrity guests.

He got the idea for a podcast when he himself was on a long flight to Barbados. Bored of all the other entertainment options available, he wanted to do some research on his destination, without having a guide or the internet at hand. That’s when he realised that listening to advice and inside tips from those who have been there before could be really valuable, especially at a time when the audience is captive and interested in the topic.

This approach may seem a bit rogue and off-topic, but it offers Shaaf the opportunity to add 2 ad slots per episode. He plans to offer those to ancillary partners that are logically connected to the trip, such as travel insurance or car hire providers. In a friendly context, the ads are more likely to land with the listeners and hopefully, generate more additional income.

Shaaf believes in testing and failing and in displaying unwavering perseverance in marketing. This is just one of the initiatives that reflect his approach. Listen to the full episode to learn more and hear his top tips for students and marketers.

The host of the Shiny New Object podcast is Tom Ollerton, founder of Automated Creative.