You work in a creative industry, so your mind works in marvellously mad ways, you are looking for a partner who can help make your wildest brand dreams come true.  Enter PromoVeritas, global prize promotion specialists, who help make the impossible, possible.  PromoVeritas exist to make your bold prize promotions happen, successfully and compliantly.  Perhaps you want to throw prize winners out of a plane at 20,000 feet, invite people to guess how many potatoes fit into a Smart car to win it, or maybe you want to make someone rich with a Bitcoin instant-win! Well, too late, PromoVeritas already made these ideas happen, you’ve got to get up early to out bold us 

Here's your chance to have some fun with PromoVeritas’ Be Bold challenge which will reach its climax at MadFest on 2-4th July.  Get your colleagues involved, the more people who enter the more trees we will plant and the more chances you have to win your office FREE ice-cream for the summer!


We invite you to put together the wildest combination of 3 ingredients to make a sensationally bold ice-cream flavour and create an equally bold brand name for it. 

Shortlisted entries will be MADE and JUDGED FOR REAL by artisan gelato man, Lorenzo, authentically Italian, now living in North West London!


  1. WIN your Bold Ice Cream flavour to share with your entire office this Summer.
  2. Your winning flavour will be handed out to MadFest visitors.
  3. Bragging rights to your creative ingenuity forever thereafter 

Challenge accepted? Enter here until 24th May 2024 at 6pm.