Coca-Cola’s Monali Shah on Why Culture Is Crucial To Tackle Diversity And Inclusion

19 Nov, 2021

Creating the right marketing culture is essential to drive meaningful progress on diversity and inclusion, says Monali Shah, Coca-Cola's Head of Integrated Marketing Experiences in the latest episode of MAD//Fest' partner podcast, Shiny New Object.


As the Head of Integrated Marketing Experiences, Africa, at The Coca-Cola Company, Monali Shah showcases African talent from across the continent.

Given the complexity of Africa’s culture and its richness of heritage, Monali’s hiring strategy focuses on diversity and inclusion, which in turn she believes will enable her team to put together a message of diversity, too. This is why her Shiny New Object is culture.

Speaking about culture, this is not only in relation to the subject of marketing activity, but also about what the organisation and the team’s culture is meant to be. Monali advises brands to start with the culture they want to create in mind: what is the environment you want to work in, before anything else? This is how you can achieve progress on diversity and inclusion. 

Find out more marketing tips from Monali, how she developed the entrepreneurial spirit that guides her today, and why she is an advocate of lifelong continuous learning, in the latest podcast episode.

The host of the Shiny New Object podcast is Tom Ollerton, founder of Automated Creative.


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