Ford Marketing Director Peter Zillig: Why Advertising Needs A Rebrand

16 Nov, 2022

The industry should consign to the madmen era to history and develop a new focus on addressing society's challenges, says Ford European Marketing Director Peter Zillig in the latest of THE FIFTH’s MAD//Manifestos series.

Is it time for the ad industry to shed notions of ‘madmen’ and develop a new purpose that addresses the problems of society? Yes, says Ford European Marketing Director Peter Zillig.

“I think that the name of the (advertising) industry needs to move on. Those halcyon madmen days have gone. And there are new days ahead. What are we going to call the industry going forward?”

Referencing global issues such as the war in Ukraine and the cost of living crisis, Zillig also called for marketing to play a role in shifting perceptions and helping customers through challenging times.

Filmed in partnership with THE FIFTH at MAD//Fest London last summer, MAD//Manifestos feature quickfire contributions from top global brands such as Deliveroo, Domino’s and Ocado, as well as agency leaders including Sir Martin Sorell. The MAD//Manifestos are available now on MAD//Fest London’s YouTube channel.

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