MAD//Minute Manifesto: Tina Koehler, VP Consumer / Global Marketing, Deliveroo

11 Nov, 2022

MAD//Minute Manifestos in partnership with THE FIFTH: We asked the great and the good what one thing they would change about the industry. This week Deliveroo's Tina Koehler calls for greater simplicity in the language marketers use.

"In the marketing industry, we tend to be very internally focused," believes Deliveroo's VP Consumer / Global Marketing, Tina Koehler.

When asked about what one thing she would change about the industry, Koehler went on to say that to have any influence on a company's strategy marketers, "need a compelling language and a compelling sell towards our broader business stakeholders, we need to be able to make it really simple and clear and not get lost in 50 PowerPoint slides. "

Watch her MAD//Minute Manifesto in partnership with THE FIFTH here 

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