MAD//Minute Manifesto: Sarah Barron, CMO, Domino's

04 Nov, 2022

MAD//Minute Manifestos in partnership with THE FIFTH: We asked the great and the good what one thing they would change about the industry. This week taking to the soap box is Domino's CMO, Sarah Barron.

"I think consumers are more and more interested in the story behind the brands and the things that they're doing." believes Sarah Barron, CMO of Domino's. 

Asked about what one thing he would change about the industry, Barron went on to say: "I think as an industry, we need to get smarter about our story and really think about the conversation we want to have with consumers about what's going on behind the brand that they buy.”

Watch her MAD//Minute Manifesto in partnership with THE FIFTH here 

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