The Independent Agency Awards Partners With MAD//Fest

14 Jan, 2022

On 5 July 2022 the excellent work of independent agencies will be celebrated like never before. The Independent Agency Award winners will be announced live on the hexagon stage at MAD//Fest 2022.

Independent agencies are a special, exclusive group of creative companies and made up of individuals that are bound by a shared spirit of independence, ideas, and purpose, not just by the services they provide. In today's creative landscape, independence has become increasingly important.

One thing remains the same regardless of how complex the marketing landscape becomes - the best ideas come from independent minds.

As we look to 2022 and the opportunity to grow on what was a fantastic 2021 Independent Agency Awards event. The Alliance of Independent Agencies found it fitting that a talented, boisterous, agile group of agencies should be represented by an equally talented, boisterous, agile trade show. The partnership with MAD//Fest will allow us to house the exceptional work from our agencies and give them the big stage that they deserve.

The expansion of The Independent Agency Awards in collaboration with MAD//Fest will be a key stepping-stone in shining light on the disruptive work that happens in independent agencies daily. Winning agencies, and the individuals contributing their skills, knowledge, and creativity, will Get Their Wings. And they will deserve them.

A number of standout stories emerged from the past awards. Many agencies were able to pivot their campaigns in creative ways in the face of the pandemic challenges. Clearly demonstrating their bravery and agility. Several agencies showed true collaboration between agency and client, which led to some standout and breakthrough work.

We look forward to continuing to champion Independent Agencies and through our partnership with MAD//Fest, the stage widens to allow Independents to shout proudly about what was accomplished in the last twelve months.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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