MAD//Fest Moments: AdWizz's Pierre Naggar On Why Advertisers Should Embrace The Digital Audio Revolution

08 Oct, 2021

With more and more people regularly consuming audio, now is the time for advertisers to tune in and get on board, says AdWizz's SVP Global Demand Pierre Naggar in the latest episode of MAD//Fest and Adswizz's 'MAD//Fest Moments' series.

Now is the time for advertisers to embrace the digital audio revolution, says Pierre Naggar, AdWizz’s SVP Global Demand.

Naggar, who was contributing to AdsWizz and MAD//Fest’s ‘MAD//Fest Moments series’, said that the environment, tools and infrastructure now exist for advertisers to reach a whole new audience through this booming platform.

He added that with more and more people now regularly consuming audio on a regular basis that, “these are exciting times for digital audio”. The figures are indeed impressive with 53% and 63% of people in the UK and US respectively now listening to digital audio.

Naggar is especially piqued by the opportunity podcasts bring to advertisers, saying it has “really helped buyers and sellers transact”. AdWizz’s own podcast planner enables buyers to discover the ever-expanding array of creative podcast content.

In the video, Naggar also explains the benefits that programmatic tech can bring advertisers in audio, and how access to real time first party data is enabling brands to use content as a proxy for targeting on the device and platform they are listening on. Watch the full video here.

Run in partnership with programmatic audio specialists AdsWizz and produced by Shootsta, ‘MAD//Fest Moments’ is a series in which prominent industry leaders share emerging trends, challenges and opportunities. Guests include S4 Capital Executive Chairman Sir Martin Sorrell, KFC CMO Jack Hinchliffe and Burger King Brand and Communications Director Soco Núñez de Cela.

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