Shiny New Object Podcast: Aimee Irwin, VP Strategy + Partnerships, Experian

02 Jul, 2021

Experian's Amy Irwin shares why she's excited about the future of digital identity in the latest episode of MAD//Fest's partner podcast, Shiny New Object. Host and Automated Creative Founder Tom Ollerton shares the conversation.

Aimee Irwin is the VP for Strategy & Partnerships at Experian, where she works with brands to help them leverage technology to enable fruitful marketing efforts.

In the Experian Marketing Services section of the company, data and digital identity services are key for moving into a world where customers get the best possible messaging through understanding their preferences and their profiles at individual, household, and higher levels. Aimee’s Shiny New Object therefore is the future state of identity in the marketing landscape.

Consumers’ online identities are key to understanding their marketing preferences, while the Internet is also moving towards higher privacy controls. This is why Aimee talks about how important it is to secure customers’ data, how this can be used from a brand perspective, and what more we can expect from the future of digital marketing. 

The host of the Shiny New Object podcast is Tom Ollerton, founder of Automated Creative

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