Want to leverage disruption to get upstream of the competition + boost your career? Then look no further than MAD//Masters by Rory Sutherland - a brand new digital course + community for marketers. Featuring 12 topical modules, live tutorials, interviews with entrepreneurs + marketing legends, one-to-one feedback + practical tasks, MAD//Masters is here to help you adapt, survive + thrive in the face of accelerated disruption.

Key themes

Featuring 12 modules, live tutorials + a practical task, MAD//Masters is packed with insights, ideas + inspiration to help you turn disruption into opportunity. Key themes include:

The big power + behavioural shift Making sense of uncertainty, emerging trends + your marketing mix.

Finding opportunity in the chaos How to turn mass disruption into competitive advantage.

Understanding your customer’s mindset How consumer behaviour should influence your marketing mix.

Accelerating productivity How individuals + teams can boost agility, creative output + innovation.

Unleashing your assets How to optimise your investments + campaigns for competitive advantage.

The disruptive mindset How big brands + start-ups can gain an edge.

Risk v. reward Learning how to take calculated risks that pay off.

Full module breakdown

  1. Introduction: How we can raise the status of marketing.
  2. Beware marcomms! Why we need to change the perception of what marketing is and how it works.
  3. Getting to know how your brand smells, heuristics and why you need to learn to talk to the elephant.
  4. Should you trust data? Why we need to experiment + embrace discovery if we want to get lucky.
  5. Finding your competitive advantage + gain theory: why failing fast can be a risky strategy.
  6. Dare to be different + annoying! The importance of creativity + diversity in elevating your offering.
  7. Herd behaviour - How behavioural economics can help you speak to your board + help you become a better marketer.
  8. Inside the mind of the challenger: Shamil Thakrar, Co-founder, Dishoom.
  9. Maximising your relationship with your consumers - why it pays to understand your customers.
  10. Inside the mind of the challenger: Alexandra Depledge, MBE, Founder and CEO, Resi.
  11. Mind readers - How behavioral science can create better + exciting innovation.
  12. How to reassert the influence of marketing within your organisation + think like a human not a consultant.
  13. BONUS content - The art of taking risks MAD//Fest masterclass, Rory Sutherland meets Ritchie Mehta, CEO, School of Marketing + more.

Why enrol?

Attending this course will enable you to:

1. Identify how disruption can benefit your business + career at a time when power is shifting from the old to the new guard.

2. Leverage your strengths + discover how to use your brand, creative + innovation assets for competitive advantage.

3. Adapt your marketing strategy for a rapidly changing world where behaviour, consumption + buying preferences are fundamentally changed by digital technology + accelerated trends.

4. Pinpoint emerging trends + ensure that you take the right steps to turn disruption into an opportunity.

5. Discover innovative thinking that challenges conventional wisdom + helps you to outsmart the competition.

6. Understand your customer’s mindset what makes them tick + how to communicate with them.

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