If you’ve ever checked in online for a flight or booked somewhere nice for dinner on an app like OpenTable, you’ll know the drill - this year we’re asking MAD//Fest attendees to confirm when they will be attending the show. 

Why? Because we can make your visit more enjoyable by knowing which days you plan to be at MAD//Fest.

Not planning on attending any more? Letting us know in a couple of clicks means that we can reallocate your ticket to people who want to attend. 

Need to make changes to when you’re attending? Don’t worry, just let us know via the form we've emailed you and we’ll amend your booking.

You can see the agenda here to help plan your day.

Check your email inbox for instructions on how you can confirm or make changes to your booking (just make sure you're searching in the inbox of the email account you used to register for MAD//Fest!)