Purpose matters. The importance of purpose has grown over the years and is changing consumer needs and expectations from brands at a rapid pace. And as brands, we have to double down on what matters for us to help our community beyond just the point of sale. Purpose is not just a nice to have; it is fundamental for long-term growth - as two thirds of customers today only buy from brands who share their own values.

This means two things, firstly, we have to know our consumers inside and out and what drives them and secondly, we have to meet them where they are; offer support and community to help them succeed.

But for this to be believable, brands need to ensure that trust and transparency is front and centre. Brand trust and expertise matter and with the rise of the conscious consumer, we have to put our money where our mouth is.   

That could be aligning yourself with a purpose, cause or movement that is relevant to your brand. Or even with another like minded brand. But make sure it is authentic and be sure to explain why it matters to your brand and your consumers. And be genuine in how your brand is contributing to change, taking real action and helping your consumers to easily commit to the cause.   

Patagonia does this well with their 1% for the planet campaign - regardless of profit, they give 1% to business and/or individuals tackling environmental issues. Dove has been doing this since the early 2000s with their ‘Real Beauty’ campaign, empowering a generation of strong women to be confident in their skin. And Innocent with its ‘Big Knit” campaign partnering with Age UK and getting volunteers to knit tiny hats for the tops of their bottles, whilst giving a percentage of sales back to the charity.

For us at WW, purpose is also at the heart of what we do. We want to break through the barriers consumers are facing specifically on their health and wellness journeys and understand what people are truly looking for in order to meet them where they are. This includes working to make health and wellness accessible to all. One way we do this is through our charitable organisation, WW Good, which gives  members the opportunity to donate their WellnessWins, (points added for doing activity, tracking water, eating veggies), locally to The Trussell Trust, helping them to end hunger and destitution here in the UK. 

So, what is your purpose? Make sure you are working hard to connect with your consumers beyond just the transaction if you want to increase life-time value. And If not already, purpose and values need to be not only on your marketing road-map, but infused throughout your brand culture and ethos, as we forge through 2022 and beyond.

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