Advertisers face a fragmented media landscape, making precise measurement tools essential to avoid redundant targeting and wasted frequency. Traditional methods are outdated, relying on fusion data or opportunity-to-see modelling. Single-source deterministic measurement offers a game-changing solution by tracking AV media exposure at a personal level.

Beatgrid’s automatic content recognition (ACR) via smartphones tracks ads and real-world outcomes like brand lift and store visits. This technology identifies ads through audio, enabling accurate channel comparisons across TV, CTV, and digital platforms. Monitoring the same individuals allows for true like-for-like comparisons, enhancing media plan optimisation.

Significant hurdles remain, including technical challenges and panel recruitment. Beatgrid's solution requires high maintenance, with advanced software needed to function efficiently, even in noisy environments, ensuring quality data collection without draining users' batteries. Years of research have tackled these issues to optimise the app for a seamless user experience, as it relies on real people, not models.

Recruiting panel participants involves offering incentives while ensuring a seamless experience. Despite these challenges, Beatgrid has established the largest single-source cross-media mobile panel in the UK. Advertisers demand better measurement tools, and single-source non-modeled data offers a compelling solution in a crowded market.

Single-source measurement delivers crucial data on how various media combinations impact brand metrics like awareness and consideration. This precise attribution is vital for justifying ad impact on your media budgets and buying and planning optimising strategies. Beatgrid will showcase this at MADFest on Tuesday 2 July at 3.25 pm, proving its value to brands, agencies, and publishers.

Single-source data significantly enhances the measurement of brand lift and ad effectiveness by tracking the same individuals across various media channels. This method provides insights into how different channels contribute to brand awareness, consideration, and purchase intent, allowing advertisers to see which channels deliver the highest return on investment.

With single-source measurement, advertisers can determine how various media touchpoints work together to boost brand lift. This information is critical for optimising media strategies and ensuring marketing budgets are spent wisely. Advertisers can identify the most impactful combinations of channels and ad frequencies for target audiences.

As the digital age evolves rapidly, traditional measurement tools are no longer sufficient. Single-source data can solve advertisers’ cross-media measurement headaches, providing the clarity needed to maximise media investments. The future of advertising effectiveness hinges on embracing this innovative approach. Stay ahead of the competition by understanding and leveraging single-source data.