Brand marketers have the power to turn the dial on Diversity + Inclusion and make a positive contribution to society, says Oreo Brand Director Rafael Espesani.

Speaking to MAD//Insight as part of the MAD//Minute Manifestos series in partnership with THE FIFTH, Espesani said: “If I could change one thing in the industry, I'd like to really push diversity inclusion forward. I think it is such an important topic for society. But it's also true for brands. As a marketeer, I understand the power that I have in my hand, managing my own brand, to help make an impact in society.”

MAD//Minute Manifestos feature quickfire contributions from top global brands such as Deliveroo, Domino’s and Ocado, as well as agency execs including Sir Martin Sorell. The MAD//Minute Manifesto are available now on MAD//Fest London’s YouTube channel.

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